We have created a visual identity for a premium Asian restaurant



Task was to create visual identity, that which will represent the premium of the prepared meals, premises and overall services. The condition was also to include in the identity the signature interior space.
The main idea behind the logotype was to create something unconventional and innovative. To express the premium, we used a serif font, which we adjusted by various shifts. The move is intended to symbolize a new approach to business.
We designed a combination of red, gold and black for the brand, representing Asian cuisine and premium. Furthermore, a grid of polygons that specifically represent the signature ceiling of the branch. We projected all this on company materials from business cards to the lunch menu.
You can see for yourself the use of visual identity in the real world by visiting a branch.
Below you can see examples of stories, posts and carousel. We can see here the use of logo ideas in headings, emphasis on colors and grid.
The logo and overall visual identity resulted in a short representative website. The main emphasis on the site is the physical branch, the presentation of meals and the overall menu.
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